Arising from Decree n ° 2014/053 of February 07, 2014 reorganizing the Competitiveness Committee, the Competitiveness Committee has two operational structures: the Technical Secretariat and the Permanent Secretariat. The missions of each of its bodies are specified by Decree No. 2015/1377 / PM of June 10, 2015 on the organization and operation of the Technical Secretariat and the Permanent Secretariat of the Competitiveness Committee.

The Technical Secretariat is responsible for:
• Defining the studies to be carried out by the Committee;
• Monitoring and coordinating the work of the thematic groups of the Committee;
• Strategic monitoring of the competitiveness of growth sectors;
• Executing the resolutions and action programs of the Committee;
• Preparing for Committee meetings;
• The conservation of the Committee’s archives and documentation;
• The execution of any other mission entrusted to it by the Committee or its President.
In addition, he may make any recommendations and suggestions useful to the Committee.

The Permanent Secretariat is the administrative and technical body of the Committee. It provides operational and daily management. Specifically, it is responsible for:
• prepare the budget, financial statements, activity, and management reports, as well as the Committee’s action plans;
• ensuring the administrative and financial management of the Committee;
• prepare the terms of reference for the studies to be carried out by the Committee;
• develop measures for the strategic monitoring of growth sectors;
• monitor the implementation of the Committee’s recommendations.

For the accomplishment of these missions, the Permanent Secretariat is organized around three Poles of activities:
• Modernization, the competitiveness of the productive apparatus and support for the private sector;
• Strategic watch and competitiveness observatory;
• Improved investment environment, business climate, and lower factor and transaction costs.